The Endo capsular ring offers higher safety.
Indeed, it allows prevention of capsular fibrosis and of severe capsule shrinking. It also enables to restore the circular shape of the capsular bag in case of damaged zonules. The Endo capsular ring is available in several sizes to adopt to patient's different morphologies. After cataract surgery the capsular bag is opened by injecting viscoelastic fluid. The Endo capsular ring is inserted into the bag with tying forceps and a micromanipulating hook. We recommend to insert the first end of the Endo capsular ring into the eye through a service incision. The hook is introduced through the phaco incision. It enables to glide the ring into the bag while it is gradually pushed through the incision by the forceps. Once inserted into the anterior chamber, the Capsule-tension-ring is grabbed by the hook through the wound slit. It pushes the second end into the bag through the rhexis. In case of desinsertion, the second loop must be released on the zonular breaking point. This is of no importance in the other usual incision cases. It is recommended to place the ring before implanting the intraocular lens. The IOL implantation is therefore performed more easily with a dense viscoelastic fluid.

The zonules are missing or damaged
In cases of lens luxation during phaco complications
Zonular breakage during sudden unfolding of a lens

Circular expansion of capsular bag
Stable conditions during surgery
Safer IOL centration
Prevention of capsular fibrosis
Prevention of capsular shrinking

Positioning hole:
13.00 mm
11.00 mm
PMMA clear
2 eyelets
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